Work Sharp 3000 Wood Tool Sharpener Review – Is It Practical and Versatile?

work sharp 3000

I cannot emphasize how important it is to maintain your tools and their accessories in good condition. This will help you achieve excellent results every time you carry out projects, no matter if they are big or small, and extend the useful life of the items. To provide proper maintenance to many of my tools, I use the Work Sharp 3000 wood tool sharpener which I bought with a Black & Decker SS-12 12v cordless drill. I’ve had it for a long time and I feel confident about reviewing it. Let’s begin.

Size and Design

This is a stationary tool sharpener designed for bench mounting. It is bigger than the widely used hand-held models. While it takes up more space and you need to clear your work station to use it, I believe that this is the more practical option because you can hold the tools with both hands. This enables you to achieve precision and therefore excellent results without much effort.

One of the things which I like the most about Work Sharp 3000 is the wide selection of settings. The angles of 20, 25, 30, and 35 degrees are preset. Given this, you will not need a jig or a special tool to adjust them when you want to create the perfect bevel edge. Additionally, it is possible to sharpen a 5-degree micro bevel to achieve even quicker re-honing.

What Tools Can Be Sharpened?

The list is practically endless. You can sharpen blades measuring between 1/8 and 2 inches. The machine works great for chisels, plain irons, carving tools and lathe tools. I use it often for spoke shaves and scrapers. To be honest, I often help friends who are into woodworking and they are more than happy with the results just like me.

How about Versatility?

Work Sharp 3000 turned out to be even more versatile than I’d expected. It comes with 11 solid and 5 slotted 6-inch abrasive discs for fine honing and rough grinding. I am particularly impressed with the 2 tempered glass wheels, each measuring 150 mm in diameter and giving you two different abrasive surfaces. They work exceptionally well to help you achieve maximum precision while being hard-wearing.

Motor and Operation

This tool sharpener uses a dry system which means that you will never have to worry about liquid creating a complete mess. Forget about lengthy preparation and meticulous cleaning after use. The unique features of the system include routed airflow going from the motor and a design which allows for heat sinking. Simply put, the tools receive complete protection from the heat which is produced by the motor.

This machine is quite powerful. The motor produces 1/5 horsepower and a large amount of torque. As a result, the sharpening wheel works at a speed of 580 rpm. This is more than sufficient to give you sharp tools in very little time when you are using the Work Sharp 3000.

Easy to Use?

Given the innovative design and great versatility of this tool sharpener, I highly recommend that you watch the instructional DVD before using it. I did, even though I have previous experience with such machines, and found it quite helpful.

One of the features allowing for easier and more effective work is the Edge-Vision wheel. It is completely transparent and enables you to see the contoured tool which you are sharpening. It is extremely useful for sharpening lathe tools. I find the tool rest of Work Sharp 3000 to be particularly convenient too. It does an excellent job of holding bigger tools in place.

Are There Cons?

Even though this tool sharpener is much quieter compared to most of its counterparts, I’d still like it to make less noise. I like everything else about it.


The Work Sharp 3000 is one of the most advanced, versatile, reliable and effective tool sharpeners. For more information and reviews, check out Amazon.

work sharp 3000

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