WORX TriVac Blowers Vac, A Thorough Guide To Trust

Finding good blowers vac is a hard task. You may find a good standalone blower and a great standalone leaf vacuum machine but finding a combination of both in a single machine is not an easy task. This, of course, doesn’t mean that there are no such machines available.

Blowers Vac

There is a huge range of blowers vac available in the market. The challenge, however, is to figure one out which performs great, offers convenience in use, has a modern design and is not too expensive.

WORX TriVac blowers vac are known for offering all the aforementioned qualities. The company has been manufacturing lawncare products for a while and is known as a notable brand of such products. WORX’s commitment to quality and excellence is well manifest in the WG505 TRIVAC Blower/Vacuum/Mulcher. This 3-in-1 power tool is incredibly useful since it combines the features of 3 separate tools in a single body.

Following is a quick review of the WG505 TriVac machine. The review gives you a glimpse of the pros and cons of the product, with a conclusion and judgment towards the end.

WORX TriVac Blower/Vacuum/Mulcher Review

As the name suggests, this product from WORX brings together the functionalities of a leaf blower, leaf vacuum tool and a leaf mulcher. Below are some of the stand-out features which make WORX TriVac one of the best blowers vac in the market.

Convenience of Use:

Many multi-power lawn-care power tools usually require you to switch between multiple parts and heads. For instance, most blowers vac require you to remove the blowing head and replace it with the vacuum head to switch between the two functionalities.

This is not the case with WORX TriVac. TriVac lets you switch between the blower, vacuum and mulcher simply by flipping a switch. It is as simple as that. One moment you are blowing the debris off your lawn, the next moment you can switch to the vacuum operation and start gathering the dry leaves from the turf.

Ergonomic and Innovative Design:

The TriVac machine features a special angled tube. This makes it easier for you blow or vacuum leaves and debris from difficult areas such as under a car as well as from around various other equipment without having to sit down or tax yourself much.

The overall design of the machine is also very light-weight and easy to handle, making it most of the most convenient blowers vac to work with. WORX has specifically designed the machine to make its use ergonomic for the users. The compact and light-weight design ensures that you can continue to use the machine in your lawn for long hours without tiring yourself. When using the machine as a vacuum, you can attach or detach the collector bag quite easily.

The body of the TriVac machine is constructed from metal. This ensures that it can be put to rough and tough use without fear of incurring any notable damage for many years.

Powerful Motor:

WORX TriVac makes use of a 12-amp motor to perform the lawn-cleaning. This is a great alternative to the conventional gasoline motors and is very quiet and clean in comparison. The machine is powerful enough to deliver a top speed of up to 210 mph, making it strong enough to remove the debris as well as wet leaves from your lawn.

The TriVac needs to be plugged in during usage and the long chord which comes with the product makes it easy for you to carry it around your lawn or outdoors without any hassle.

High Performance Mulcher:

The built-in mulcher of the TriVac also goes the extra mile and performs well above conventional blowers vac. The machine has a built-in 2-step mulching system. When you are vacuuming with TriVac, the leaves drawn into the collecting bag first go through a high-velocity shredder blade. These shredded leaves are then further pulverized with the help of a metal impeller before being deposited into the collecting bag.

The advantage of such 2-step mulching system is that it allows you to gather up a huge amount of leaves in the gathering bag without having to remove and empty the bag. In more exact terms, the 10-gallon collecting bag of the TriVac can gather up to 100 gallons of dry leaves in a single go.


WORX TriVac is a true heavy-duty performer when it comes to your lawn vacuuming, leaf blowing or leaf mulching needs. It goes the extra mile and gets the job done in a solid way. Together with a price tag that is well below $100, this is definitely one of our favorite blowers vac.

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